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Spring Mattress


In life, mattresses are indispensable products for the bed. On the market, mattresses of various materials and styles are overwhelming. The most used ones are spring mattresses and mats . Whether it is a mat or a spring good mattress it? Zongdian and spring mattress which is more expensive? really makes conclusions difficult. Only through simple comparisons can we find advantages. For example: The palm pad is green and healthy, and the spring pad is comfortable to protect the spine. In the case of advantages, these two are the different choices for our mattresses. Everyone can choose their own mattress according to their needs. If you are still puzzled by the fact that you have a good mat or a spring mattress , why not follow me to learn about the spring mattress and the mat?

How are spring mattresses?

[High strength is not deformed]

It belongs to durable goods. It can be used for several years to more than 10 years. Every time it rolls over and starts to lie down, it is a test and life-consuming consumption for springs. A mattress is used for 10 years, and a single spring is over 100,000 times deformed. The anti-flexion number has been used for many years.

[anti-corrosion durable]

Inferior mattresses, made of metal springs, will rust when used for a long time. Under normal circumstances, the higher the degree of corrosion, the more severe the degree of deterioration, the more severe the functional attenuation. Mattress made of titanium alloy springs, it is very beneficial to maintain the function of the mattress.

[Easy maintenance]

Titanium alloy springs are lighter than wire springs and dominate in transportation and maintenance. There is a description in the manual: In order to avoid the orientation preference, it is recommended to invert once a month to compress the easy spring deformation for a long time. This shows that titanium alloy spring mattresses: light weight, non-magnetic, long life, etc., fit the body curve, reduce the number of turns and promote blood circulation.

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Spring mattress how to choose

[fabric quality]

Mattress fabrics have texture and thickness, according to the provisions: fabric per square meter, weight => 60g; printing and dyeing patterns well-proportioned; needlework should be no breaks, floats and other defects.

[Production quality]

When purchasing, check whether the circumference is flat; whether the pad surface is full; bare hand pressure 2-3 times, should be soft and hard, and resilient, such as sag, indicating poor quality; such as the bed around the opening, it is recommended to check whether the spring Rusty; whether there is odor emission, the use of waste materials as a mattress will affect the service life.

【Size requirements】

Spring mattresses: single and double: single specification: 800mm ~ 1200mm; double specification: 1350mm ~ 1800mm; length: 1900mm ~ 2100mm; deviation is ± 10mm or so.

【Usage experience】

When purchasing, try it for yourself – try it. After standing, whether to quickly restore the status quo. Press the bed surface with the knee, how to test the elasticity, if the elasticity is not good and the rebound is not a good mattress.

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Which brand of spring mattress is good

One: Spike mattress

Created in 1971, it has been the first year of sales and belongs to one of the top ten mattress brands. The main products are spring soft mattresses, whose brand value is among the top 500 in China and famous brand in Guangdong Province.

II: Xilinmen mattress

Xilinmen's brand, one of China's top ten brands of mattresses, and the leader of the mattress industry, focuses on the design, production and sales of mattresses and is the main drafting unit for the standard.

Three: Dream mattress

It is a comprehensive enterprise and one of China's top ten branded mattresses. It is the first company to open branch companies abroad, China's well-known trademark, and Zhejiang Province's famous trademark.

Four: Arran mattress

Hong Kong's well-known brand, belonging to Hong Kong Arran Group Co., Ltd., was established in Shenzhen. The brand was founded in 1966. After more than 40 years of development, it has become one of the top ten mattresses in China.

Five: Good night mattress

China's well-known brand, founded in 1986, is a well-known "love" enterprise in the industry and one of China's top ten branded mattresses.

Sixth: Yu Bao mattress

Subsidiary of Sic Bo, owned by several subordinate companies in 1985 and with many years of practical experience, is widely praised by consumers and is one of the top ten mattress brands in China.

Seven: Flower as a mattress

Specializing in furniture, real estate and many other industries, it was founded in 1982 and has a history of 31 years. It is a well-known mattress brand in China and ranks as one of the top ten mattress brands in China.

Eight: Joint music mattress

Wuhan famous brand, founded in 1980, is a diversified enterprise. Its main business is soft furniture production. It has a high reputation in the country and ranks as one of the top ten mattress brands in China.

Nine: Guisi mattress

In the field of mattresses, it can be described as a famous name. It has won China's top ten brands of mattresses for many years. It is a brand owned by Yantai Guisi. Founded in 1988, it is mainly engaged in the production of upholstered furniture. In addition to Guice, there are several mid-to-high-end brands.

X: Star Harbor mattress

The well-known enterprises in Hunan, which began in 1992, are active in the domestic market and are engaged in the manufacture of spring mattresses. They have a high influence in the furniture industry and are one of the top ten brand mattresses in China.

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Good mat or spring mattress

Mat features:

1, good durability. 100% pure natural brown, good ventilation, long lasting elasticity, not easy to collapse and deformation. Suitable for middle-aged and children.

2, safe and reliable. The use of natural materials and cotton cloth, no pollution, safety and environmental protection.

3, protect the spine sleep well. Uniform support for the prevention and health of common diseases, protect the normal development of bones, suitable for the elderly and children. Avoid interference caused by the same bed.

4, water absorption is good. With sponges, the heat will evaporate upwards and enter the joints, causing great harm to the middle-aged and the elderly.

How to determine the degree of soft and hard mattresses:

There is no uniform standard for hard and soft. The same mattress, some people think that it is soft, and some people think it is too hard. Before you buy the mattress, lie on the mattress for 20 minutes to see if it is comfortable.

Which mats are expensive?

1, the price is a factor to measure the product, the cost reflects the level of product quality, the market, mat price higher than the spring, raw materials and processing laborious.

2. The price of mats is nearly 10,000 yuan, and the number of springs is less than 10,000 yuan, such as: Good night. Good night mattress specifications: 200x180cm, reference price: 6660 yuan. In general, mats are more expensive.

Good mat or spring mattress

Spring mattresses: soft and comfortable, good bearing capacity, strong anti-interference, high cost performance; Coconut Palm Mattress: refreshing, environmental protection, moderate hardness, good flexibility. Spring mattresses are suitable for people all year round. Palm mattresses are suitable for teenagers and seniors.

Editor's summary: The above is whether the mat is good or the spring mattress is good mat and spring mattress which more expensive related knowledge introduced, hoping to help meet the needs of the friends! For more information, please continue to pay attention Our website, follow-up will show more exciting content. You can also purchase more of your favorite products on !

Good mat or spring mattress

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