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Hard or Soft Mattress is good?


Some people have a backache problem. When they go to see a doctor, the advice they often get is: sleep on a hard bed!
So some people went home to remove the mattress, put a thin sheet of bed on the bed and fell asleep, thinking that this is the doctor's advice!
We often hear that it is more healthy to sleep on a hard bed. However, can you "save a hard bed" really save your waist? Wrong, but it hurts you more!

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Sleeping hard bed is not a bed board!
The normal physiological structure of the human body is an S-shaped physiological curvature from the side. If the bed is too hard to sleep, it can not match the normal curve of the human spine, and the waist can not be supported. If the time is long, it will easily cause strain, increase back pain, etc. symptom.
The hard bed has a certain influence on the protruding bones and joints of the body. Sleeping on a hard bed, only a few points on the head, back, buttocks and heels to withstand the pressure, the spine will be in a tight and tense state, need the back muscles to support, can not achieve the relaxation effect when sleeping.
So don't let the "hard bed" you think of murder your health!

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Westerners sleep on soft mattresses? The softer the bed, the better?
Some people have said that Westerners are soft mattresses, that is, the softer the bed, the better?
No! No! No!
A bed that is too soft, people lying on it will bend the spine and feel back pain in the short term. In the long run, it will cause the middle part of the body to sink, the upper part of the body muscles to relax, the lower part of the muscles to be tightened, easy to cause pate muscle and bone strain, and even cause the spine to bend or twist!
If children in the growth and development period sleep in a Soft Bed for a long time, it will affect the development of the spine, causing the hunchback and the spine to bend and deform!
Therefore, the doctor said that the recommendation to sleep on a hard bed is not to sleep directly on the hard board, but to pad the 3~5 cm cushion on the bed board, that is, the bed is soft above and the hard wood board is below, so that it conforms to the human spine. The normal curve.
So what do you choose for ordinary people when choosing a mattress?

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What kind of bed should we sleep in?
1. Softness remember 3:1
Remember one principle: the mattress should not be hard to deform, nor soft enough to deform too much.
When choosing a mattress, it can be carried out according to the principle of 3:1. The mattress of 3 cm thick is suitable for 1 cm when the hand is pressed down; the mattress of 10 cm thick is also the same, the 3 cm is slightly depressed, the softness is moderate, and so on. .
2. Sticker and degree: flat lay by hand
A suitable mattress keeps the spine naturally stretched and fits perfectly with the shoulders, waist and hips, leaving no gaps.
Teach you a method:
Lying flat on the mattress, the hand is stretched inwardly from the neck, the waist and the lower part of the hip to the thigh, to see if there is any gap;
Turn over to one side and use the same method to try to see if there is any gap between the concave part of the body curve and the mattress.
If the hand can easily be inserted in the gap, the bed is too hard.
If the palm is close to the gap, it proves that the mattress fits perfectly with the natural curves of the neck, back, waist, hips and legs during sleep.

3. Thickness: spring mattress 12~18 cm
The mattress is not the bigger the thicker, the better it is, but it is related to its supporting force, especially the spring mattress. If the length of the spring is constant, the bottom pad is thickened, and the replacement is not a good supporting force.
The ideal thickness of the spring mattress is 12 to 18 cm. When the spring is deformed due to quality problems, it will affect the supporting force and should be replaced in time.

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Select the mattress according to the material
Different mattresses are suitable for different groups of people.
1. Foam mattress: male, developing youth
The foam mattress provides a solid support for the body and cushions the vibrations caused by body movements. Even if the person on the pillow turns over frequently, it will not affect sleep. But the foam mattress is hard, suitable for the development of adolescents to form a good posture, or some men who like to sleep hard bed.
2. Latex Mattress: a person with heavy weight
Latex mattresses have a gap that allows air to circulate and is durable. Natural latex is soft and full of elasticity, providing precise support for the entire body, good water absorption and comfortable feeling. The latex is dense, so the mattress is very heavy and highly resilient, suitable for people with higher weight, but less effective for people with very light weight.
3. Spring mattress: a person who is not easily disturbed
The spring mattress distributes the weight of the body evenly over the entire mattress, avoiding excessive stress on any part of the body. Suitable for people who are not easily disturbed by their companions and who have a high demand for mattress elasticity and support.
4. Silk cotton mattress: female
The silk cotton mattress is very smooth, close to the flesh, breathable, and not attached to the skin. It is a mattress that is suitable for women to sleep, but because of its texture, it is not suitable for men who love to roll over.

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Final tip:
The mattress should be replaced in 8 years:
The mattress has to be replaced after a long time. Like a spring mattress that is used more now, if the spring loses its elasticity, the bearing force will be affected, and then it will not be used to maintain the normal physiological curvature of the human spine. In general, mattress springs of 8 to 10 years have entered a recession, and even the best mattresses should be "retired" in 15 years.

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