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Comfortable Mattress


The bed is a very important piece of furniture in our home, and its importance is known to everyone. We come back home every day and look forward to sleeping in the comfortable mattress. So you have to have a comfortable bed to protect your sleep. Let us have ample spirit to protect the body. Let's take a look at the small series of the decoration house and the decoration house. Do you still have to lay sheets on the mattress ? Let everyone live more comfortable.

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1. Do you still have to lay sheets on the mattress?

1. We feel that this is the most important thing to look at in your own choice. Can not be paved, the bed is actually a fixed role compared to the sheets, but the appearance is not good, the landlord if you want to be beautiful and non-slip, if not recommended, you can not shop.

2, to understand how to shop, when laying, to level, to ensure that the elastic band of the hem completely wrapped the whole. This will make the mattress. When used as a bed sheet, with an elastic band design, the mattress can be more compliant than regular sheets.

3, then come to know that when you buy the mattress, you must match the size of the bed, so that it is comfortable. The height of the mattress should be the same as the height of the mattress. The regular size is between 20-30 cm. The advantage of this type of paving method is that it is relatively "sealed" and it is not easy to kick off when sleeping, so it will be warmer.

Second, how to buy quality mattresses

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1. The most important thing in our opinion is the choice of materials; the material of the mattress is still inseparable from the fabric (ie fabric), so it is very important. Now there are all kinds of fabrics on the market. The general recommendation is to choose cotton. With the seasonality of your own area, you can choose thicker quilted, which is the best for the body.

2, more importantly, we have our choices; now the market is really full of flowers, can meet our needs. What kind of styles, such as strips, cartoons, patterns and solid colors, can be purchased in the color you like, which is a very good choice for the consumer.

3, everyone is most concerned about the price selection; the general cost of cotton will be around 500 yuan, can not choose too cheap. If the market is lower than above, you can tell you very positively that it is acceptable within the scope of ordinary consumers. Secondly, it belongs to more than 10000 yuan. The price still needs consumers to go. Decided.

For the small problems in our lives, it is actually the problem of our own ideas. So everyone should refer to it. This way our home will have a good home environment. The above content can be referenced. If you still want to know more about the decoration. Stay tuned for our home renovation website.

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